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I due Maestri

A day with ¬†Mario Botta. Rieci is not only a wine! It is an inspiring muse! Today I have found out that Mario Botta is not only a great architect but also a passionate wine lover! Speaking about wine, the vineyard ¬†and how the latter modifies and betters the landscape was inspiring! I described the […]

Alla Fortuna

Fedro: Fabulae 1,7 Personam tragicam forte vulpes viderat; quam postquam huc illuc semel atque iterum verterat, ‘O quanta species’ inquit ‘cerebrum non habet.’ Hoc illis dictum est quibus honorem et gloriam Fortuna tribuit, sensum communem abstulit. Come on, come on… try to explain luck! Luck is a train that vehemently comes on the tracks of […]