Ducato di Chianche – Wine Experience


I due Maestri

A day with  Mario Botta.

Mario Botta – Filippo Cannata

Rieci is not only a wine! It is an inspiring muse!
Today I have found out that Mario Botta is not only a great architect but also a passionate wine lover! Speaking about wine, the vineyard  and how the latter modifies and betters the landscape was inspiring!
I described the vineyard in which “Rieci” is made, in the Greco di Tufo territory, where the land looks like a Land Art work.
The vineyard locted on a declivity, well orientated towards the sun with an accurate and most precise geometry.
You enveil bit by bit the views of parts of the land from the cellar through the windows designed for the purpose of representing absolutely breathtaking paintings.
How do I envisage the wine cellar?
From the big wooden table in the middle of the room, every table companion has a view his or her own painting. Depending where you are seated you have a different view of the land  which tells a fifferent story. You may want to change place every hour!
The best thing to do is visit the wine cellar at dusk, enjoy the experience of the diffrent surrounding views, the scent of the herbs from the vineyard and with of a good glass of “Rieci” reserve, stop to silently contemplate the landscape.
“Silence is a universal gift that few appreciate. Maybe because it can’t be bought. The rich buy noise”. (Charlie Chaplin)